£10,000 won in compensation after misdiagnosis

Our client injured his foot after a fall. His foot was very swollen, he was in pain and was unable to weight bear. He attended A&E and underwent an X-ray. He was told that he just had a bad sprain and was told to go home, rest, put ice on his foot and to weight bear as best he could.

After a week of worsening symptoms, he re-attended the hospital. A second X-ray was carried out and he was advised that again it was just a bad sprain. Over a month later, our client received a telephone call from the hospital asking for him to re-attend due to what had been found on the previous X-rays.

He underwent a third X-ray which showed that he had a bad fracture in his foot. Due to the delay in treatment, the fracture had started to heal, and so surgery was not recommended. However, if he had had surgery straight away when he first attended the hospital, he would have likely had a better outcome.

Our client therefore had a longer recovery, and still experiences pain as a result of this. The Defendant Hospital admitted liability for failing to correctly diagnose and treat our client sooner, and our client recovered £10,000 by way of compensation.

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