Case Study – A trip in the dark led to facial scarring

Published on 15th May 2019

Whilst walking to her daughter’s school in the dark, Sandra tripped over a speed bump in the school car park. There was no lighting in the car park and the speed bump was unmarked and therefore hard to notice. During the fall, ... Read Article

George Osborne Attacks Innocent Victims (Again!)

Published on 14th January 2016

Chancellor George Osborne in his Autumn Statement in November has pledged radical changes to the way in which personal injury claims shall be run going forward. We at What’s My Claim Worth believe that the pledges made by Mr Osborne will harm ... Read Article

How much is your personal injury claim worth?

Published on 20th August 2013

Anyone looking to pursue a personal injury claim is bound to have one question at the top of the list – just how much is my claim worth? Unfortunately it isn’t that easy to answer with there being a whole range of ... Read Article

Personal Injury Compensation and Benefits

Published on 13th October 2011

If you receive compensation following a Personal Injury claim, this may affect your entitlement to receive means-tested benefits. If you have “capital” i.e. any money in bank accounts, savings or investments (but also including your compensation) of more than £6,000, this will ... Read Article

Reverse indemnity clauses – Can your home insurance help you make a claim?

Published on 6th June 2011

If you with to make a personal injury claim one of the first issues you and your solicitor will have to consider is whether or not the third party who caused your injuries has the resources to meet your claim if it ... Read Article