Do You Know How to Pass Bikes Safely? – Road Safety Week

This week is Brake’s ‘Road Safety Week’ – the theme this year is ‘Bike Smart.’ This week Brake are encouraging the public to take action to protect cyclists and motorcyclists, some of the most vulnerable road users in the UK.

Sadly, many accidents involving cyclists and motorcyclists are caused by the negligence of other road users. For example, someone being knocked off their bike when a driver fails to properly check for bikes at a junction. These types of accidents almost always cause more injury to the bike user because they are not protected by their vehicle.

At least a proportion of these accidents could be prevented if drivers were more ‘Bike Smart,’ and tailored their driving appropriately around bike users. Earlier this year, a poll by Cycling UK found that over half of the British public don’t know the Highway Code advice for passing cyclists safely.

The survey, of 2,039 British adults, revealed that over 50% did not know that you should give cyclists at least as much space as you would give a car when overtaking. In this article, we discuss how you can ensure that you are passing both cyclists and those on motorcyclists safely.

How can you pass safely?

As well as leaving adequate space between your vehicle and the bike (at least 1.5 metres), there are other things you can do to overtake in a ‘bike smart’ way. Before overtaking you should make sure that:

  • The road is clear ahead;
  • There is a suitable gap in front of the bike you are planning to overtake;

Furthermore, whilst overtaking you should:

  • Move quickly past the bike that you are overtaking, and move back to the left as soon as you can without cutting in;
  • Not get too close to the bike you plan to overtake.

Of course, you should never overtake on a bend or if you are unsure if you can safely pass the bike.

You should also never overtake when another car is coming, as this may force you to drive closer to the bike and endanger the rider.

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