Laser Hair Removal – One of the Most Dangerous Alternatives to Waxing

By 2019 the hair removal industry is set to be worth £2.19 billion. However, all forms of hair removal come with a certain amount of risk. From severe burns to minor scarring, in this article, we discuss the potential dangers of laser hair removal and what to do if you suffer an injury.

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure that removes unwanted hair using a powerful laser or ‘intense pulsed light.’ The laser destroys the hair follicles which stops the hair from growing back (although you will need multiple treatments in order for this to work). In the UK, laser hair removal varies widely in cost – from £40 to £400. In general, you should avoid very cheap treatments as the low price may indicate sub-par equipment and untrained staff.

What happens when laser hair removal goes wrong?

Laser hair removal injuries can be painful and permanent. If the machines used to remove hair are set at the wrong frequency or directed at areas of the skin for too long you may suffer from serious burns. Sadly, even when the burns heal you can be left with permanent scarring or skin discolouration. This can be particularly distressing if you had the treatment on a particularly visible area of skin.

For example, many people have laser hair removal treatment to permanently remove facial hair.

What causes laser hair removal injuries?

Many people do not know that the laser hair removal industry in the UK is unregulated and therapists do not need a licence to practice. This means that the person operating the machine may have received very little, if any, training on using the machine. As a result, they may set the laser at too high a level or apply it to the skin for too long, causing serious injury.

In other cases, the laser hair removal machine itself may be faulty. Hair removal machines can be expensive, so clinics may purchase cheaper refurbished machines, which may be faulty.

What should I do if I have been injured?

If you have been injured during laser hair removal treatment, you may be able to make a compensation claim. Use our claimometer today or call us on 0800 025 0000 for free initial advice.

How can I avoid injury?

To avoid injury you should always thoroughly research your practitioner before you go for any hair removal treatment. In general, you may be safer going to a respected and established company, who may have endorsements from the British Medical Laser Association.

Furthermore, you could also read reviews online to see what sort of experience other clients have had.

In general you should avoid ‘bargains,’ as ridiculously low pricing may suggest inexperience.

How can we help?

If you would like advice about a potential personal injury claim, you can call us on 0800 025 0000 or contact us via our livechat below.

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