Pedestrian suffers injury whilst walking along pavement after being struck by wing mirror of a car

We recently secured a settlement for our client, a 55 year old man after he was injured as a pedestrian when he walking along the pavement on his way home.

Our client’s sustained injuries to his right arm and shoulder when his arm was struck by the wing mirror of a car that was driving too close to the pavement on which our client was walking.
The driver initially drove off from the scene of the accident and our client although he was injured, ran after the driver to flag her down.

As a result of the accident, our client sustained an injury to his right arm, right knee, neck and shoulder.  Our client was treated for his injuries at the local hospital and although he did not sustained any fractures his injury to his shoulder was such that he had to be referred to see an Orthopaedic surgeon and subsequently he had to undergo surgery on his shoulder which was successful.

At first the Defendant tried to deny liability for the accident but eventually they did accept responsibility and we were pleased to be able to secure compensation for our client in the sum of £20,500.

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