Retained products of conception following a caesarean section

What are Retained Products of Conception?

Retained Products of Conception may refer to parts of the placenta which are not delivered following birth.

Retained products of conception can make you very ill and can be very dangerous. It is likely that you will suffer from bleeding vaginally and there is a risk of infection. You may too unwell to breast feed and suffer from a fever and vaginal discharge.

If you have retained products of conception, it is likely that you will require surgery to remove them.

Normal Vaginal Delivery

There is always a risk of having retained products of conception if you have given birth naturally, because it is possible that fragments of the placenta have broken off and so the placenta is not delivered completely.

The midwife or doctor should always carefully check whether the placenta is intact after delivery, and take action to investigate you further if not.

Caesarean Section

However, if you have had a caesarean section operation, then this should not normally be the case. If you have undergone a caesarean section then the placenta should be delivered in full because the surgeon is normally able to carry out a careful examination of the womb to ensure that there are no retained parts of the placenta remaining.

Unfortunately, some women have been left with retained products of conception following a caesarean section operation.

If you have suffered from retained products of conception following a caesarean section, you may have a claim for clinical negligence.

Compensation Claims

In the last 2 months, Quality Solicitors Oliver & Co have won compensation for 2 unfortunate women who have suffered from retained products of conception following caesarean sections.

Has this happened to you?

Please contact us for advice if you feel you have suffered any form of clinical negligence. Please note that there are strict time limits in place for making a claim for compensation, but our specialist clinical negligence solicitors will be able to advise you specifically on the facts of your own case.

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