Victim wins £50,000 in compensation after road traffic accident

We have successfully concluded a claim for Mr T in the sum of £50,000.00
At the time of the incident, Mr T was riding his scooter when a car driver, who never stopped  reversed out of a lay-by causing him to perform an emergency stop which propelled him off his scooter. The driver was never traced by the police. Unfortunately the scooter came to rest on Mr T’s leg following the incident and as a result, he suffered serious fractures to his tibia and fibula bones in his leg, which required fixation under anaesthetic. He was admitted to hospital where he stayed for several days, having undergone surgery on his leg.
A claim was lodged with the Motor Insurers Bureau, which is an organisation that compensates victims of  negligent drivers who were either not insured or not traced such as in ‘hit and run’ cases.  After investigations were conducted, the MIB confirmed that they would deal with Mr T’s claim.
Our client had to undergo further surgery on his leg to have his metalwork removed which is quite usual for these sorts of injuries and he had a limited time off work following the second surgery also. Our client was able to claim compensation for his past losses including the care he received from friends and family, loss of earnings, travel and medication.  A future loss claim was also made on the basis that there was a risk that Mr T may require more surgery in future, together with a need for ongoing prosthetics and medication.
We help many clients every year claim compensation for injuries sustained in road accidents that were not their fault.

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