Women dies after hospital fail to detect brain haemorrhage

What’s My Claim Worth have extensive experience dealing with injuries which are the result of medical negligence. If you have suffered an injury due to medical negligence, you may be entitled to a compensation claim.

At What’s My Claim Worth our expert team of lawyers will fight for the compensation that you deserve.

Compensation claims resulting from medical negligence can arise in a variety of circumstances.  If you have received medical treatment which has resulted in a delay in your injury being diagnosed or a further injury, you may be able to claim compensation.  We deal with all aspects of medical negligence claims, from poor dental treatment to severe brain injuries.

At What’s My Claim Worth , our team understands the issues affecting you, both physical and psychological, due to medical negligence and that it can be a very difficult and daunting time for both you and your family.  We fight fearlessly to achieve the best outcome for you whilst offering sensitivity, professionalism and unparalleled legal expertise.

 Recent Case

A family has been awarded a six-figure sum in damages after they were left devastated by the death of a woman who died following negligent medical treatment at East Surrey Hospital.

The 37 year old woman was initially taken to hospital after collapsing at her home in early May 2009.  She had been experiencing severe pain, excruciating headaches, nausea and a general lack of energy before she collapsed.  After being rushed to hospital she was admitted for two nights and was given a CT scan, however, hospital staff failed to spot that she had suffered a stroke caused by bleeding in and around the brain and she was discharged from hospital after just two days.

Over the next five days her symptoms persisted, but it wasn’t until 5 days after she had been discharged that doctors at East Surrey Hospital realised their error and spotted the haemorrhage on the scan and asked her to return to the hospital immediately.  However, on arrival the lady was left for a further 7 hours without treatment before being transferred to St George’s Hospital. Sadly it was a case of ‘too little too late’ as the lady sadly died the following day leaving her husband and two young sons devastated.

Following the tragic incident, a clinical negligence case was brought against the hospital by the patient’s husband who stated that his wife’s treatment amounted to a ‘catalogue of errors’.  The Chief Executive of the hospital trust stated that ‘we have always admitted that in this case we got it wrong’ and stressed that the hospital had learnt important lessons from this case.

Proven Expertise

What’s My Claim Worth are currently pursuing a claim for a client who suffered a brain haemorrhage after doctors failed to spot bleeding on her brain.  The client was suffering with nausea, severe headaches and other pain in 2006 and went to her GP for advice.  She was referred to hospital and given a brain scan but was sent home after being informed that the scan was normal.  However, three years later she suffered the brain haemorrhage which has left her permanently paralysed down her left side and which could have been avoided if the bleeding had been detected on the initial scan.

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At What’s My Claim Worth we have a specialist team of lawyers who have been involved in many medical negligence claims and who are extremely experienced.

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