Our client was involved in an accident at work in June 2013.  He was part of a team carrying out refurbishment work employed by a subcontractor to undertake the installation of a new security system.  Our client had cause to feed a security cable through a hole in the wall to a colleague who was waiting in the adjacent room.  Having fed the cable to his work colleague, he stepped back and stood on a section of compressed foam that had been placed on the floor.  Suddenly and without warning, the foam gave way causing him to fall through a hole in the floor being disguised by the foam and injuring his back.

He struck his back, suffering a number of superficial abrasions around the right shoulder/scapular region. He attended a nearby walk-in centre complaining of lower back pain and was diagnosed with a soft tissue injury.

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A medical report was obtained and the report confirmed that as a direct result of the accident, our client suffered a contusion/musculo ligamentous strain to the lumbar spine.

Our client had a pre-existing back problem and this accident accelerated his pain by a period of 2 years.

Liability for this accident was disputed by the Defendant and it was necessary to issue court proceedings. However, settlement of the claim was agreed without the need for a court hearing in the sum of £5,500.

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