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Our client was employed as a general labourer and assistant at a flooring company. When the accident occurred he had been asked to unload a works van in the company’s yard which he had not loaded himself. The van had been overloaded and loaded in a dangerous way causing a severe risk of injury.

As our client was attempting to unload the van a large piece of equipment fell from the van and landed on the ground. Unfortunately it then bounced up with considerable force and struck our client on the side of his head. Our client sustained a laceration to the side of his head and ear and was taken to hospital where he had stitches in his ear and has been left with a small faint scar. Due to the results of his accident our client then had to have two weeks off work.

We accepted instructions from our client to pursue his claim on a “no win no fee” basis and we submitted details of the claim to his employer. Initially our client’s employer did not respond and then claimed to have no knowledge of the incident. We continued to pursue the claim and eventually we were able to obtain details of our client’s employer’s insurers.

We were able to establish by obtaining a copy of our client’s hospital records that our client had indeed been injured at work as he had alleged. Shortly after the insurers admitted liability for our client’s accident.

Our client fortunately made a good  recovery but was left with some minor scarring  on his ear. He was delighted when we were able to recover compensation for him of  £3,250.

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