We are pleased to have recovered £145,000 compensation for Mr G who was employed by a company working in a gang, laying slurry onto the roads. At the time of his accident he was standing in the bucket of a JCB about to pour bitumen from a barrel into a tanker. This was a practice which although appeared unsafe had been used before and Mr G’s employers were aware of this.

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As he was carrying out the task, the JCB moved and Mr G fell from the bucket approximately 10 feet landing on his heels and sustaining fractures to the heel bones (Calcaneus) on both of his feet sustaining a nasty injury. Mr G was unable to continue working.

Mr G’s employers refused to accept responsibility for his accident despite allowing an unsafe system of work and being vicariously liable for the negligent actions of their employee who was operating the JCB and allowed or caused it to move.

After court proceedings were commenced the Defendants admitted liability. We were able to arrange and obtain extensive medical evidence from an orthopaedic surgeon, pain specialist, occupational therapist and psychiatrist to report on Mr G’s injuries and which assisted in establishing the extent of his injuries.

We were pleased to be able to recover the sum of £145,000 in compensation for him.

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