We have been successful in recovering compensation of £30,000 for Mr R from Warrington who was injured in an accident whilst at work.

Mr R who was aged 64 years at the time of the accident was working as an electrician at a Water Treatment Plant belonging to the Defendants. He arrived on site on the morning of the accident and as he was walking around the site, he slipped on a patch of ice on the ground. As a result of slipping he fell, landing heavily on his right arm and elbow.

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He was taken to the Accident and Emergency department of a local hospital. At hospital he was initially diagnosed with just a soft tissue injury and he assumed that his injury would heal after just a few days or weeks. However as his symptoms did not get any better he returned to see his GP and he was then referred to see an Orthopaedic Surgeon.

After having further X-rays and an MRI scan taken, it transpired that he had sustained a rotator cuff tear in his shoulder and he subsequently underwent key-hole surgery. Although the surgery helped his symptoms greatly he still had some on going pain and discomfort and some weakness in the strength of his arm which meant he could not lift anything heavy above his shoulder.

Mr R did return to work following the accident and although he was aged 64 years when the accident happened he had intended to continue working beyond the age of 65 years for another 1 to 2 years. However due to his injuries he had to retire one year earlier than he had intended.

The Defendants denied responsibility for the accident throughout the case and argued that Mr R should not have been on the site at all on the day the accident happened. Court proceedings were commenced as we felt that the Defendants were negligent and in breach of their statutory duties as they had failed to provide a safe place of work and had exposed Mr R to a danger and a foreseeable risk of injury.

We were pleased to be able negotiate a settlement for Mr R of £30,000 which included compensation for his shoulder injury and also the loss of earnings he incurred as a result of retiring early.

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