We are pleased to have recovered £30,000 compensation for Ms C who sustained an injury to her shoulder whilst working as a paramedic. Our client was in the back of an ambulance transporting a patient when part of the roof bar of the ambulance she was holding came loose and she was thrown forwards and backwards and injured her neck and shoulders.

The injury to her shoulder did not improve and she went on to have an arthroscopy. During the surgery there was a failure in the temperature regulation on a piece of equipment used in the surgical procedure which caused hot water to be pumped into her shoulder and causing burns to her skin.

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Ms C’s employers admitted liability/responsibility for her accident at work as the work equipment she was using was defective and they also took responsibility for injuries caused due the medical negligence of the hospital where the surgery due took place.

The Claimant was off work following the surgery for a period of time but there was only a small loss of earnings claim as she was paid sick pay whilst she was off work by her employers.

Although the physical injury to her shoulder made a good recovery she was left with residual scarring on her shoulder and the trauma of the accident and the personal injuries she sustained caused her to suffer some psychological injuries as well.

We were able to obtain medical evidence to support her case from an Orthopaedic Surgeon, Psychiatrist and a Plastic Surgeon.

We were pleased to negotiate a settlement of her claim in the sum of £30,000.  If you’d like an instant estimate on what your claim could be worth then complete the Claimometer today.

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