What’s my claim worth have successfully settled a claim for a client who was injured while carrying out heavy lifting at work.

Our client had been employed working at a large resort style retail attraction which had shops and family funfair style attractions.

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Our client had been asked to move a large shelf which had stored a roll of carpet.

Although our client had been provided with some manual handling training by his employers the shelf he was being asked to move was far too large for our client and his colleague to safely move by hand and should have been lifted and moved using mechanical equipment such as a forklift or some other form of mechanical lifting device.

Whilst trying to lift the shelf our client sustained a soft tissue injury to his back.

Our client had two days off work due to his back injury and he had pain and discomfort in his back for approximately eight weeks.

When our client first contacted What’s My Claim Worth it was already 18 months since the accident had occurred and added to this our client was intending on going travelling in Australia for a year only a few months after he instructed us.

Despite these potential difficulties we were able to arranged for our client to be examined by a medical expert very quickly after we were instructed and before he went off on his travels.

We were able to pursue the claim and even conclude the claim whilst he was in Australia as we were able to take instructions from him via email.

The Claim was brought against our client ‘s employer as the Defendant on the basis that they had breached their duties to our client as their employee and in particular under the Manual Handling Operations Regulations provided by the Health and Safety Executive.   Initially the employers through their insurers rejected the claim and denied any liability for the accident.

We were able however to persuade the employers and their insurers that their denial of liability was flawed and eventually they admitted liability for the accident.

Subsequently we were able to successfully negotiate a settlement of our client’s claim.  He received for his relatively minor back injury and two days lost earnings, compensation of £2,500.

If you or someone you know has been injured due to a lifting or manual handling injury you may be able to claim compensation. We have a dedicated team of experienced solicitors who specialise in these claims who are here to help

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