At the time of our client’s accident he was employed as a chef at a hotel in North Wales. As he was walking from the dining area into the kitchen to fetch an item from a cupboard which was situated next to the pot washer machine. He then slipped on the floor which was wet due to a fault with the pot washer machine which had been leaking water.

Due to the fault and slip on the wet floor our client sustained bruising to his back and right knee.

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We arranged for our client to see a Consultant Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon. He predicted that providing the client had physiotherapy, the symptoms to our client’s back should have resolved within 15 months of the accident. He was of the view that the client’s accident related symptoms to the knee should resolve within 18 months of the accident.

Liability was admitted by the insurer representatives of the hotel. The claim for financial losses was limited to £50. The insurance company made an initial offer of £1,500.

We obtained further medical evidence, on behalf of our client, which we then disclosed to the insurance company. A further offer was then made of £5,050, which our client accepted.

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