Our client, a 21 year old woman was involved in an accident whilst at work. She went to use the hot water boiler in the kitchen to make a cup of tea. Whilst using the boiler she pulled the nozzle down to release the water and after doing so she released the nozzle returning it to the ‘off’ position. Unfortunately the boiling water continued to come out and splashed onto our client’s hand. This resulted in her cup tilting backwards spilling hot water onto her stomach, genital area and left leg, resulting in burns and scarring.

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We agreed to act for our client in a claim for compensation/damages for personal injury and other losses on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis.

A draft Letter of Claim was prepared and forwarded to our client for approval. We then forwarded the Letter of Claim to the Defendant detailing the allegations of negligence, mainly that they had failed to provide our client with a safe place and system of work, that when selecting the work equipment they failed to have regard to the working conditions and to the risk of health and safety of our client, they failed to provide appropriate or adequate equipment for the purpose of undertaking the task and they permitted the continuance of the practice of using the boiler when it malfunctioned.

The Letter of Claim was approved by our client and forwarded to the Defendant. They then had a period of 21 days to acknowledge the Letter of Claim. We received the acknowledgment advising that they were commencing their investigations into the accident and would return to us within 3 months to provide their view on liability (fault) for the accident.

We received correspondence from the Defendant advising that liability for the accident was admitted in full.

We forwarded nominations of Plastic Surgeons to the Defendant so we could obtain any objections and thereafter arrange for our client to be examined for the purpose of preparing a Medical Report. Our client was medically examined and we forwarded the Report to our client for approval before forwarding it to the Defendant.

Professional photographs were obtained of our client’s scarring and these were forwarded to the Defendant along with the Medical Report and details of our client financial losses as a result of the accident. These included items such as travel and the cost of lightening cream.

The Defendants put forward an offer to settle our client’s claim in the sum of £3,000 for her injury (general damages). We took our client’s instructions and based upon our advice that this offer was low, this was rejected. We returned to the Defendant and successfully obtained an increased award for our client in the sum of £6,000. In addition the Defendant agreed our client’s financial losses (special damages) in full.

Typical burnt at work claims include:

  • Scalded by hot water at work
  • Burnt by hot gas at work
  • Spill caused burnt skin

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