What’s My Claim Worth successfully obtained compensation for a client who sustained a painful burn to his leg while he was at work.

Our client had a bucket of boiling hot water kicked over his leg by a colleague. He sustained a painful burn with considerable blistering and redness to his skin.

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We advised our client that his employers would be liable for the actions of his colleague, even though what the colleague did was meant to be a practical joke and he was not carrying out his work duties at the time.

Although the initial injury was very painful, it healed within a few weeks and fortunately our client was left without any permanent scarring to his leg.

When we initially contacted our client’s employers, they failed to respond. They did not acknowledge our client’s claim, nor did they pass the claim on to their employer’s liability insurers.

We were not deterred by the lack of response and issued a Court application to force our client’s employer to disclose documents to us.

After we successfully obtained a Court Order, our client’s employer finally contacted their insurer who then dealt with the claim.

The documents the Defendant had been ordered to disclose to us allowed us to prove that our client’s claim would succeed.

At that stage the Defendant’s insurers admitted liability for the incident, but suggested that our client was partly to blame for his accident. We successfully argued that our client had no way of knowing what his colleague would do. The insurers withdrew their allegation that our client was partly at fault and admitted liability in full.

We were then able to negotiate a settlement of the claim with the Defendant’s insurer.

Although our client’s injury only lasted for a few weeks, because it was initially very painful we were able to recover £1,500 compensation for him.

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