Our client was employed by the Defendant, McDonald’s, as a Till Operator.  She was asked by the Manageress to work in the kitchen despite not having any training or experience in the kitchen.  She was trained to work on the tills only.

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She was required to cook chicken nuggets and as she lowered the basket containing the frozen chicken nuggets into the hot oil.  She then had to lift the basket out however, as she lifted the basket out of the oil, the basket swung around on the handle and came to rest of her left elbow, and as a result of this she sustained burns.

Liability (fault) for this accident was admitted by insurers on behalf of the Defendant.  Our client obtained £2,500 compensation.

Our client had suffered a burn to her left elbow.  The skin blistered and healed four weeks later.  She had pain for four weeks and tenderness for eight weeks.  There was residual hyperpigmentation.

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