What’s My Claim Worth has succeeded in a claim for our client against his employee. Our client was employed by the defendant, a confectioner.  As part of his work duties, he boils sugar to make sweets, rock, toffee and fudge.  Sugar and glucose are mixed and boiled in a pan to 300°. When our client was boiling the sugar, it spat out of the pan and onto his right arm and hand, burning him.

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It was alleged that the pan he was using was faulty and had a hole in it.  The faulty pan had previously been reported to the defendant on many occasions.  The defendant said that pan would be repaired but it wasn’t, and in pursuing this claim, we alleged the client was not provided with suitable work equipment as well as having to work in unsafe working conditions.

Liability for this accident was admitted by the insurers on behalf of the defendant. Our client recovered £3,750 in compensation.

Our client had suffered a burn to his right wrist and had attended hospital on 18 occasions for treatment including daily dressings.  The burn on the right wrist resolved after 2 months. However, our client was left with scarring to his right wrist and palm.


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