What’s My Claim Worth have settled a claim for an extrusion operator who was not given the correct work equipment.  He was on the factory floor trying to open a nut from a metal bar, which was part of the machinery that has to be serviced from time to time.  He was not given the correct tools to do the job, and was using a spanner.  The bar slipped and caused our client to stumble backwards, twisting his right knee.

Our client had not been provided with suitable work equipment.

From the accident, he suffered pain to his lower back, a soft tissue injury which had resolved within 3 months of the accident.  The injuries to the right lower leg, thigh and hip resolved 3 months from the date of the accident. He always underwent one session of physiotherapy.

Liability (fault) for this accident was admitted by insurers on behalf of the defendant and settlement of this claim was achieved, without the need to start court proceedings.  Our client received £2,700.

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