What’s My Claim Worth successfully pursued a claim for a client who suffered from a repetitive strain injury.

Our client sustained an injury to his shoulder as a result of repetitive work which was carried out whilst being employed by a company which manufactured panels for kitchen cupboards and other flat packed furniture. The repetitive nature of our client’s work meant that over time he sustained an injury, known as a work related upper limb disorder. In this case, our client sustained an exacerbation of a pre-existing injury he had to his shoulder.

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Shoulder Injury Sustained Due to Insufficient Work Equipment

He was employed as a machinist and one of the main tasks of his role was to load large MDF or similar boards into a crosscut saw, which was used to cut the boards to the necessary shape and size.  From this work, our client sustained his shoulder injury.

The crosscut saw had an automatic lifting mechanism called an RBO which would lift stacks of boards and would feed them into the machine. Unfortunately, the RBO lifting mechanism broke down frequently, often for several days at a time. When the RBO broke down, our client would have to manually load large stacks of boards into the machine which was fixed into place.

Manually loading the crosscut saw with boards involved our client lining up boards on an air table so that they could be loaded into the machine.  This involved our client stretching and moving stacks of boards in an awkward position.

Our client would have to manually push and manoeuvre stacks of boards 50 boards high, so the weight our client was pushing with his shoulder was considerable. Our client had to do this repeatedly and frequently throughout his shift whenever the RBO mechanism broke down. This repetitive work caused our client to sustain an exacerbation of his previous shoulder injury.

We pursued our client’s claim on a “no win, no fee” basis. The Defendant, our client’s employer, strenuously denied the claim.

Our client’s claim proceeded all the way to trial. In court we were able to establish successfully that the company was in breach of its legal duties to our client who was then awarded £1,750.00 compensation.

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