We recently settled a claim for a client who had sustained soft tissue injuries to her leg having been in an accident at work.

Our client made an enquiry with us after having visited our What’s My Claim Worth website to obtain a valuation of her injury claim.

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Our client had been injured a few days before her enquiry when she was at work in her job as a factory tester.

Our client was walking through the factory when a colleague somehow managed to knock over a metal store cupboard which was used to store brooms and other items. The cupboard fell hitting the back of our client’s leg.

Our client was immediately in considerable pain and had to go to hospital.

We were able to advise our client that her employer would almost certainly be liable for her accident. All employers are responsible for the actions and omissions on their employees. This is known as the principle of “vicarious liability”.

Vicarious liability is very helpful to claimant’s whose injury is caused by an employee. It means they are able to pursue the employer confident that they will receive their compensation, because employers have to have employers’ liability insurance.

Our client’s accident was clearly caused by her colleague and therefore our client was able to pursue a claim against her employer.

We submitted our client’s claim and as expected her insurers quickly admitted liability for the accident.

We were able to obtain the medical report from an independent medical expert and to settle our client’s claim quickly, with the minimum of fuss and disruption to her.

Fortunately, the injuries our client sustained to her leg were only minor and she made a speedy recovery. We were able to recover £1,500 for her injuries and £50 for some small items of financial loss she had incurred.

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