The client, 17 years of age, was involved in an accident whilst employed by the Defendant as an Apprentice Carpenter.  The client’s boss was driving a forklift truck and asked our client to help him put extension forks on the truck.  His finger got caught on the forks of the truck and some pieces of wood and the tip of the left middle finger was severed.  He was taken to hospital and referred to the Plastic Surgery team when he underwent surgery to pin the end of his finger in place.  The tip of the finger did not survive and the tip of the left middle finger was amputated during later surgery.   The client has made a speedy recovery save for the feeling of pins and needles in cold weather and difficulty in playing games consoles.  He was able to return to full time employment 4 months from the date of his accident and has continued to live a normal life since this time.

Liability for this accident was admitted by the Defendant and his claim has settled 12 months from us receiving his initial instructions in the sum of £11,500.

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