What’s my claim worth have successfully settled a personal injury claim after our client was injured in an accident at work.

Our client contacted us to pursue her claim on a no win no fee basis after she had been injured while working as a cleaner in the sanitation department of a major food manufacturer.

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Our client sustained a laceration to her leg when she caught her leg on a sharp metal bracket that was fixed to the wall in a corridor at her workplace.

The bracket had been used to secure a pipe to a wall but had been incorrectly fitted. It had been attached to the wall the wrong way around by our client’s employer’s maintenance department and a sharp end had therefore been protruding into the corridor.

Our client’s laceration to her leg was serious enough for blood to be seeping through her clothes when the accident occurred. Our client was attended to by a first aider from her employer and then went to hospital.

Our client had stitches in her leg at hospital but unfortunately her wound became infected and she had to have antibiotics.

After taking the antibiotics our client’s wound healed slowly.

Eventually the wound healed completely, however, our client was left with a large area of unsightly discolouration to her leg, which it appears will be permanent. Fortunately for our client the discolouration will usually be hidden by our client’s clothing she was not sustained any psychological reaction caused by the scarring.

After we were instructed we contacted our client’s employer and advised them of her claim.

The employer passed the claim to their employer’s liability insurers who quickly admitted liability for the accident and we were able to then negotiate settlement of our client’s claim.

Our client received £4,500 compensation for her injury.

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