At What’s My Claim Worth we were successful in recovering compensation for man who was injured at work.

Our client worked for a well-known DIY store as a Manager and part of his job required him to place rubbish into a skip outside. As our client proceeded to throw rubbish into the skip, his hand impacted on a sharp object that had been incorrectly placed by a fellow work colleague into the skip.

As a result he sustained a cut a 1-inch laceration to the base of his hand

We advised him to pursue a claim for compensation against his employers as they had failed to provide a safe system of work and also they were vicariously liable for the negligent actions of their employee – our client’s work colleague who negligently put the sharp object in the skip.

The claim was defended by our client’s employers throughout and to progress the claim on behalf of our client we had to start court proceedings against the Defendants.

Eventually just one week before the trial the Defendants through their solicitors made an offer to settlement and after further negotiations the Claimant was happy to receive the sum of £2,250 for his injury and his financial losses without the need to attend court.

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