What’s My Claim Worth have successfully settled a claim for a client who injured his neck when he slipped and fell in his work car park due to icy conditions.

Our client was an agency worker who was working at the warehouse of a delivery company. Employees including agency workers were allowed to park in the large company car park adjacent to the company premises. The company operated their premises 24 hours a day and employees worked shifts.

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On the day of the accident it was extremely cold and icy with heavy snow several days previously. Due to the weather conditions the snow had not melted but remained on the ground and had compacted on the ground causing the car park to be very icy. Our client had parked his car in the works car park and when walking towards his place of his work he slipped on ice and fell injuring his neck.

The employers had not made any effort to clear the ice in the car park or to grit the car park despite a large number of employees using and walking across the car part both during the day and night.

Our client’s employer owed him a duty of care to provide him with a safe place of work and under The Workplace (Health and Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992, his employer was required to ensure that floors and traffic routes are kept free from obstructions and substances which could cause slips, trips and falls.

We were happy to take the claim on for our client on a “no win no fee” basis.

We sent a letter of Claim to our client’s employers but for a long time both they and their employer’s liability insurers failed to respond to us and we were forced to make a successful application to court for a court order compelling the employer and their insurers to respond and to disclose any documentation that they had about the accident and relevant to the claim.

After successfully pursuing the Court Application the employers through their insurers admitted responsibility for the accident.

We were then able to arrange for our client to be examined by an independent orthopaedic surgeon who prepared a report setting out the client’s injuries. After sending the report to the Employer’s insurers we were able to successfully negotiate a settlement of our client’s claim.

Our client sustained soft tissue injuries to his neck. Fortunately his injuries were relatively minor and he recovered quickly and our client was delighted to receive compensation in the sum of £2,250.

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