One of our clients was employed by the Defendant as a Prison Custody Officer.

She had to move a prisoner from the Court, where the prisoner had been sentenced, to the holding cell in order for her to be escorted to prison.  The prisoner had became hysterical and was throwing herself to the floor, becoming a dead weight.

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Our client had requested assistance to help move the prisoner but was told that there was none available.  As a result of the prisoner throwing herself to the floor, our client sustained an injury to her back.

Our client was off work for a period of two weeks.  She suffered a sprain injury to the right side of her lower lumbar spine and the medical expert used in this case confirmed that our client would have had symptoms for a period of three months.

Liability for our client’s accident was disputed by the Defendant and Court proceedings were necessary however, we were able to secure an out of Court settlement for her in the sum of £1,500.

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