This case involved a man who was working as a motorway maintenance worker. He was working on the motorways removing signs and cones. On the day of the accident he was travelling in a truck and was standing in the back of the truck with a colleague reaching out to pick up the sign frames and cones and place them in the back of the truck. As the truck was proceeding along the motorway there was an incident ahead and the driver of the truck slammed on his brakes suddenly which caused our client to be thrown to the floor of the truck and 15 or more sign frames, which were extremely heavy, fell on top of him, causing injury to his shoulder.

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Our client reported the accident to work and it was recorded in the accident book. He suffered from considerable pain in his shoulder due to the accident and attended hospital the following day where his shoulder was x-rayed. He was diagnosed with muscle strain to his shoulder.

We had our client medically examined by a medical expert and a medical report was sent to the Defendant’s insurers together with details of our client’s financial losses which included items such as travel expenses, telephone calls to his solicitors and the purchase of painkillers.

Mr R – recovered from his shoulder injury within 3 months and he was awarded compensation for his injury and other losses in the sum of £2,500.

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