At What’s My Claim Worth we were successful in obtaining compensation for a lady who fractured her wrist when she tripped up on the edge of a carpet at her place of work.

Our client was working in an Opticians at the time. The carpet was frayed at the edges and sticking up and unfortunately our client tripped and fell. As she fell she put out her hand to break her fall and she landed heavily on her wrist and sustained a nasty fracture injury.

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Our client reported the accident to her boss at work but he was not very sympathetic and made her continue her shift at work even though she needed to go to hospital. She later went to hospital and was diagnosed after having an X-Ray with a fracture and her arm was placed in a plaster cast.

She contacted What’s My Claim Worth because she was suffering with her injuries and her employer was not taking her injury seriously.  He was refusing the repair or replace the carpet and insisting that she come into work even though she was not fully fit to work. In addition he was refusing to pay her sick pay during the few days she did have off work.

We took on the claim on a No Win No Fee basis and sent a letter of Claim to her employer on the basis that he had failed in his duties to provide her with a safe place of work and also was in breach of The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 in particular regulation 12 which requires floors to be kept free from obstructions which could cause slips, trips or falls.

Initially her employer refused to acknowledge our letter or pass it on to his insurers as he was required to do. However eventually it was passed on to his insurers and after obtaining medical evidence from a Consultant Orthopaedic surgeon we were able to negotiate and obtain an award compensation of £3,000, which our client was delighted with. Incidentally her employer also replaced the carpet!

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