We recently secured a settlement for our client, a 64 year old woman after she was injured whilst walking along the corridor of her local hospital after visiting her mother.

Our client was walking along the corridor toward the exit when she approached a set of double doors. Our client had to quickly step to one side to avoid being hit by a wheelchair occupied by a patient which was being pushed by a nurse at some speed.  Our client stepped to the left of her in order to make room for the nurse and wheelchair. Once they had both passed, she proceeded to walk with the intention of continuing her journey when she tripped on a permanently fixed door stop which was on the floor.

Following a site inspection of the accident location, it could be seen that many of the door stops had been removed.

Our client fell to the ground and sustained a fracture to her left foot which was treated at hospital.

The Defendant hospital denied liability.

We commenced Court proceedings and eventually the case settled without going to court and we were able secure compensation for our client of £3000.

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