We recently won compensation for Mr D from Hampshire, who sustained a laceration to his hand at work. Mr D was using a Stanley knife to cut up cardboard boxes into smaller pieces at work.

His employers had specifically told him to use the knife. Whilst carrying out the task his hand slipped and he sustained a cut to his left hand. His employers were at fault because they had not provided him with protective equipment, such as gloves, which may have prevented his injuries.

Following his accident, his employers changed the system of work and now provide scissors to carry out the task with instead.

The Claim:

As part of the accident at work claim, we were able to arrange for private physiotherapy treatment, which helped speed up his recovery. Fortunately, Mr D made a full recovery and has only been left with a small scar. In addition to getting compensation for his injuries, we also managed to recover the cost of the physiotherapy treatment received, and even compensation for the help and care his partner provided whilst he was recovering. We represented Mr D on a no win, no fee basis throughout. We recovered £5000 in compensation for him.

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