We recently secured a settlement for our client, a 31 year old woman after she slipped on the floor at work. The floor had just been mopped by a colleague but she had not been made aware of this and there were no wet floor signs displayed.

Our client was working behind the bar of a restaurant and had to go from the bar into the kitchen area of the restaurant she slipped fell landing heavily on to a pipe which was sticking out of the ground.

As a result she sustained a soft tissue injury to her knee, her right leg and her back. She was treated for her injuries at her local hospital.

The accident was also reported to the local environmental health office who were critical of the hazardous pipe sticking up from the floor.

Despite this the Defendants continued to deny liability and court proceedings were commenced.
Fortunately the Defendants decided to settle the Claim before it went to trial and the Claimant received £4750 in compensation.

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