Our legal team successfully settled a claim for a hardworking client who had developed vibration white finger as a result of his exposure to vibrating tools whilst employed by a number of companies.

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Our client first became aware of symptoms in his fingers a couple of years before he came to us. The symptoms started gradually but became more troublesome as time went on. It got to the stage where he was suffering from tingling and numbness in all 4 fingers of both hands. He also suffered from whitening to his fingers indicating a lack of circulation.

Our client felt, as many people suffering with vibration white finger do, that the symptoms were more troublesome in cold weather. He struggled with picking up small items and was prone to dropping things. He instructed us to pursue a vibration white finger claim.

Mr. L. worked for several companies as a labourer. He was regularly required to use vibrating tools as part of his job. With the first company he worked for, a large part of his job involved removing the rendering from houses. He used a CP9 air gun to hack the rendering off the houses. When doing this job he would be using the air gun for most of the day. On occasions he was also required to use a disc grinder. For example, if he was removing the rendering from one house but not a detached house, he would use a disc grinder to cut a line between the houses to ensure a straight line when the rendering was removed. He estimated that he would use the disc grinder for approximately 30 minutes each day.

Our client’s job also involved taking floors up in Council houses which were suffering with damp in order that a polythene membrane could be put in place. He would use jackhammers to take the flooring up with some assistance from sledgehammers. Other tradesmen would come and replace the floors afterwards. His job was simply to take the floors up and, therefore involved using the jackhammers for most of the day whilst carrying out such tasks.

Our client then went to work for another company again as a labourer. The majority of his job involved taking retaining walls down outside houses, for example, boundary walls in gardens on Council house estates. The work involved using jackhammers for the majority of the day, for approximately 6 to 7 hours. The last hour or 2 of the day would then be spent clearing up. His job also involved renovations and, on occasions, extensions. This involved using air guns to remove walls. Depending on the job he could use an air gun for the majority of the day. However, there was not as frequent use of the air gun as that of the jackhammers.

Our client then went to work for a third company. This was a demolition company. He used vibrating tools on a regular basis whilst employed at this company. The main tool that he used was a jackhammer. The job involved demolishing flats and houses. When working on demolition, his role was often to make it possible for larger machines to come in and carry out the demolition.

At this job, when he was using jackhammers, he would be using them all day. Other men were employed to do the clearing up. As well as working on demolition works, he was also involved in removing floors in order to provide access for stairs in building or other alterations or renovations. At this company, our client also used airguns and disc cutters.

Finally our client went to work for another company again using vibrating tools. A lot of his work involved using the jackhammer for demolition and renovations. He recalls working on several jobs where he would be using the jackhammer for the majority of the day. He also used electric guns and grinders.

We pursued the claim against all 4 companies. Engineering evidence was obtained in support of this vibration white finger claim. It supported a claim against the latter 3 companies. The engineer concluded that the client’s employment with the first company predated the date when his employers should have been aware that exposure to excess vibration was dangerous.

On the basis of the engineering evidence, we discontinued the claim against the first company but went onto successfully claim compensation from the remaining three companies. Unfortunately, their solicitors did not settle the claim until a few days before trial, but nevertheless we recovered the sum of £28,000 for our client who was very pleased with the outcome.

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