Our client, who had a history of back pain, attended her local A&E after experiencing new symptoms of pins and needles in her legs. The junior A&E doctor diagnosed a flare-up of her existing back problems and sent her without any treatment or further investigation.

That night, our client’s condition worsened and she was rushed back to hospital, where she was diagnosed with cauda equina syndrome, a severe disc prolapse in the spinal cord. Our client underwent emergency surgery to treat her spinal injury.

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Unfortunately, as a result of the delay in diagnosing and treating this injury, our client was left with left-sided weakness, and is now unable to control her left foot and has numbness on the left side of her body. She also has bowel and bladder symptoms – all of which would have been avoided had she had surgery earlier.

As a result of this, we helped our client start formal court proceedings against the hospital and, despite the hospital initially denying that they had done anything wrong, we were able to obtain a settlement of £530,000.

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