Our client was suffering from severe headaches and nausea during 2005 and due to a family history of cerebral aneurysms, she was understandably concerned about her symptoms. She underwent brain scans in July 2005 at the Defendant hospital, which she was told were normal and she was then discharged from the hospital’s care with no further follow up.

In October 2008, just 2 days after giving birth to her second daughter, our client collapsed and suffered catastrophic injuries. A subarachnoid haemorrhage had been caused by a ruptured cerebral aneurysm and she subsequently suffered a stroke. Our client was initially taken to the Defendant hospital but was later transferred to a hospital with a specialist neurological centre, and it was here that she was diagnosed with a second aneurysm.

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Our client required a craniectomy, where part of her skull was removed due to the severe damage and swelling. The second aneurysm was successfully treated by way of coiling.

The brain haemorrhage and subsequent stroke has left our Client with numerous permanent injuries. She has a dense left hemiparesis, spasticity in her left hand/arm and urinary urgency/incontinence. She has suffered with depression and is now dependant on a wheelchair or scooter for mobility as she is only able to walk a few steps with the aid of a walking stick. She has a left visual field deficit, which can result in her frequently bumping into objects on her left hand side. She suffered with frequent falls but she has since had a metal plate inserted into her skull, which has helped with her balance.

In 2009, as a result of her injuries, her relationship with the father of her 2 daughters sadly broke down, and he won full custody of their children, remaining in the 3 bedroom family home. Our client has since been living in a 1 bedroom adapted housing association flat. Our client went on to have a third daughter with a subsequent partner but sadly, she has been adopted as our client was unable to care for her when this relationship broke down.

We were instructed to act on behalf of our client in 2009 and our investigations revealed that the aneurysm which ruptured was visible on the brains scans taken in July 2005. Our independent experts were of the view that this aneurysm should have been diagnosed and treated by way of coiling at that time. Had the hospital done so, our client would have avoided the ruptured aneurysm and would have avoided all of the resulting catastrophic injuries.

Our client won a global compensation settlement of £1,960,435.00.

Our client will receive a lump sum payment now to enable her to purchase a specially adapted 3 bedroom bungalow, to enable her daughters to stay overnight with her. Our client, who is currently only 36 years old, will also receive an annual payment every year for the remainder of her life to ensure that she will have adequate care and support throughout her life.

This case has taken 7 years to reach settlement, as the Defendant strongly denied liability until just before a trial was due to take place on the issue of liability. Significant investigations have also been undertaken to assess the value of the claim.

We are extremely pleased that we have been successful in this case and recovered such a large sum of compensation for our client, which we hope will help her to live independently and to spend more quality time with her daughters in her new home.

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