Our client suffered an accident on the 19th November 2006 whilst he was abroad and he suffered an injury to his right hand and had pain in his wrist.

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Upon his return to the UK, he attended at the Accident & Emergency Department of the Defendant hospital on the 29th November 2006. He was x-rayed and told that he had suffered a sprain only.

Our client was recalled back to the Accident & Emergency Department of the hospital on the 11th December 2006, when he was informed that the original x-ray had been reviewed and did in fact show that our Client had broken his wrist. He was treated by way of a plaster cast and a follow up appointment was arranged for the 21st December 2006.

At this follow up appointment, our client was informed that not only had he broken his wrist, the ligaments had also been damaged and this had caused the bones to be displaced. Unfortunately surgery and treatment were unsuccessful and our client underwent a wrist fusion operation on the 20th September 2007.

Despite the Defendants maintaining a denial of liability, our client has recovered the sum of £35,000 by way of compensation.

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