An NHS watchdog has reported that vulnerable and elderly patients are being failed by hospitals when they are discharged from hospital. Here at What’s My Claim Worth, whilst we are extremely saddened by the contents of the report, we are unfortunately not surprised as this is something which our clients encounter all too often.

A What’s My Claim Worth client, who was registered blind and was in his early 80’s, was in hospital to have a pacemaker fitted. He was discharged the day following surgery but was short of breath. He had to be re-admitted to hospital the very next day. Sadly, this was not the end of the story for him, as he was discharged early on a further 3 occasions, resulting in him requiring re-admission shortly after he returned home. On one of these occasions, he was even re-admitted to hospital in the afternoon when he had only been discharged home that morning. He sadly passed away from his pre-existing illnesses but our panel of What’s My Claim Worth solicitors were successful in recovering compensation for his family regarding the poor care which he had received prior to his death.

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What’s My Claim Worth have specialist clinical negligence solicitors who are passionate about representing elderly and vulnerable patients. Our solicitors have represented many elderly clients in many different types of case, such as clients who have suffered horrendous pressure sores due to poor nursing care in hospitals and nursing homes, and also at home due to failures by GPs and District Nurses.

Other NHS Elderly Client Failures

We have also recovered compensation for the families of elderly patients who have suffered delays in diagnosis, such as a case where there was a delay in diagnosing lung cancer despite the patient having a previous history of this illness. Sadly, by the time he was correctly diagnosed, the cancer was too advanced and his illness was terminal. Had he been diagnosed earlier, our independent experts were of the view that it is likely that his life would have been saved.

The elderly and vulnerable are worryingly also at risk whilst being treated within a hospital setting. A What’s My Claim Worth panel solicitor recovered compensation for the family of an elderly patient who was admitted to hospital on Christmas day and did not receive any fluids whatsoever for 2 days. We have also acted for elderly patients who have suffered falls whilst at hospital resulting in serious injuries such as broken hips. We have even acted for dementia patients who have suffered such falls and fractures.

If you or a member of your family has suffered injury as a result of negligent medical care, you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation. Our special clinical negligence solicitors are happy to discuss your potential case with you. Please call us on 0800 025 00 00.

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