We recently helped our client bring a clinical negligence claim against a hospital regarding the standard of care they received from a surgeon.

Our client suffered from haemorrhoids and, after experiencing pain in their anus during an examination, was told by their doctor that they needed an operation to incise and drain a perianal abscess.

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Our client underwent surgery but despite the proposed procedure being listed as incision and drainage of perianal abscess, the surgeon instead carried out an examination under anaesthetic and performed a haemorrhoidectomy, without our client’s consent, and failed to correctly drain the abscess.

Our client had to undergo a second operation under general anaesthetic to drain the perianal abscess, and underwent several unpleasant procedures after suffering ongoing perianal pain.

As a result of the failures, we were able to help our client to successfully make a clinical negligence claim, and recovered the sum of £15,000 by way of compensation.

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