What’s My Claim Worth have settled a claim for compensation for personal injuries sustained by a  client who was unfortunately injured whilst on holiday in Spain.   The client slipped on the wet bathroom floor in his hotel room, which became wet and slippery due to the bath being faulty and leaking water. The client sustained a fracture to his left elbow and also bruising to his body. Our client had to seek medical attention not only in Spain but also back in the UK and the enjoyment of his holiday was understandably spoiled.

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He was on a package holiday at the time which meant that his claim for the accident abroad could be brought through the Package Tour Regulations which allowed him to pursue the company that the holiday was booked through in England without having to pursue the claim against the Spanish hotel itself.

The specialist solicitor at  What’s My Claim Worth who acted for him, arranged for a  medical examination and a report to be prepared by a specialist Orthopaedic surgeon and after negotiations we were pleased to be able to recover compensation of £5,000 for the client.

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