We are pleased to have recently recovered £2,500 compensation for Mr E who injured his left wrist when the front wheel of his bicycle went down a pot hole in the road and he was thrown off his bike.

A claim was brought against Birmingham City Council as they were the highway authority responsible for maintaining the road where the accident occurred.

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The pot hole which caused the accident was more than 2 inches deep and was considered to be an “actionable defect” and Mr E had taken photographs of the defective pot hole shortly after the accident with measurements showing how deep the pot hole was. This was extremely helpful in his case.

The claim against the Council was brought under the Highways Act 1980.

It is quite usual for the Council or Highway authority to deny responsibility for such accidents as they will argue that they have a regular system in place for inspecting the roads and pavements for defects and often are able to produce written inspection records confirming this.

However in Mr E’s case the Council admitted liability.

A medical report was obtained and Mr E’s injuries were reported to have lasted for 4 months.

The only other losses that he suffered were for the damage to his bicycle and for the care and assistance he had needed from his mother who had taken time to look after him for a few weeks after the accident.

We were pleased to negotiate a settlement for him of £2,500 compensation and the case was completed within 8 months.

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