Our client, from Widnes, had attended upon the defendant’s premises, a social club for the purpose of a wake.  When she was leaving the premises, she tripped on a step which was unmarked.  She lost her balance and fell, and as a result she suffered a fracture to her forearm and a fracture dislocation of her right elbow.

She required surgery and was off work for 5 months.  Our client was left with a 7cm scar on her right elbow and a 7cm scar on her left wrist.

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Although primary liability for this accident was admitted by insurers on behalf of the defendant, they alleged contributory negligence on the basis that our client had already entered the premises prior to her accident and so she would have been aware of the presence of the step and that she had consumed alcohol which would have dulled her senses.

The case was settled without the need for court proceedings and our client received £26,000 in compensation.

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