Our client was involved in a tripping accident at a motorway service station.  Our client and her partner were travelling home and decided to pull into the services to feed their two month old baby.  They had parked the car and were proceeding towards the service area building when suddenly, and without warning, she tripped on a pothole in the car park.  It was very dark with no working lights on in the car park.  The only illumination was the light from the service area buildings.

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Liability (fault) for this accident was disputed by the Defendant saying that they had a reasonable system for inspecting the car park and ensuring that all lights were working. However, after starting Court proceedings, it was established that the Defendant’s system was not properly adhered to and we were able to secure a settlement for our client in the sum of £3,000.

Our client had suffered soft tissue injuries to both ankles and to her right knee and grazing to her hands.

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