What’s My Claim Worth have recently successfully obtained compensation for a client involved in a tripping accident.

Our client tripped due to raised flagstones on a public footpath, leading to her son’s address.  As a result of this, she suffered facial injuries to her nose, mouth and teeth and sustained an injury to her shoulder.

We acted on her behalf, and pursued a claim against the Local Authority who disputed liability on the basis that they operate a reasonable system of inspection.

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If a Local Authority is able to demonstrate that they operate a reasonable system of inspection, and when last inspecting the area the defect was not present, they may be able to avoid legal liability. We were not convinced with the defendant’s system of inspection and our client, having spoken to a resident living adjacent to the accident location, was able to secure supportive witness evidence.

The witness was able to say that the defect (the raised flagstone) had been present for a couple of years prior to Mrs J’s accident taking place.  He knew this because it was only a few yards away from his house and he sees it every day when walking his dog.  He also said that when he saw gardeners from the Local Authority cutting the grass surrounding the path, he told them that the flagstone was dangerous.

The defendant Insurers continued to dispute liability for this accident and court proceedings had to be started.  However, we were able to secure an out of court settlement for our client in the sum of £11,500.00.

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