This is an accident that occurred on the 19th December 2008. The client was attending a staff Christmas party at her employer’s premises.

She slipped on drink spilt on the floor and in putting her arm out to break her fall, she sustained a fracture to her right wrist.

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Since instigating this claim back in January 2009, the defendants and / or the insurers have refused to co-operate with us and once we had obtained evidence in support of her claim, Court Proceedings were issued following which, the defendants admitted liability for her accident but were wanting to reduce any damages by 20% to represent contributory negligence on the basis that she failed to have due regard for her own safety; that she failed to take any adequate care in looking where she was going; that she failed to make adequate observation of her surroundings; that she failed to have due regard for the presence of spillages; failed to place her feet carefully and was under the influence of alcohol and therefore not entirely in control of her movements.

This was not an argument accepted by the claimant and she was successful in settling her claim for damages in the sum of £5,900.

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