At What’s My Claim Worth we have successfully claimed compensation for an elderly client who slipped and fell whilst shopping in her local supermarket.

Our client was walking along the frozen food aisle when suddenly and without warning her feet went from underneath her and she slipped and fell.

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It transpired that one of the freezers in the aisle had been leaking and our client had slipped on a pool of water caused by the leak. The spillage had not been cleaned up and there were no anti-slip mats or “wet floor” warning signs in place.

Our client sustained a soft tissue injury to her neck, shoulder and back and suffered with pain radiating down her leg.

The accident was reported to the shop who entered our client’s details into their accident book and they also gave her some first aid treatment.

A claim was brought against the supermarket under the Occupiers Liability Act 1957 which provides that the shop are under a duty to ensure that lawful guests (such as our client) reasonably safe when using their premises.

Initially the supermarket through their public liability insurers tried to fight the claim and denied responsibility but once court proceedings were commenced they admitted liability and our client was delighted to be awarded £2,500 compensation.

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