At What’s My Claim Worth we have successfully obtained compensation for a lady who sustained personal injury when she leaving her local pub. Our client who lives in Warrington was leaving the pub after a night out when she twisted her ankle when she fell whilst walking down the steps leading out of building. She fell and was in considerable pain. It transpired that part of one of the steps was missing and this is what caused her to lose her footing. Our client attended hospital as her ankle had swollen considerably. At hospital an X-ray was carried out which confirmed that she had not broken her ankle but instead had sprained it and had suffered a soft tissue injury.

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A claim was brought on behalf of our client on a NO WIN NO FEEbasis against the owners of the public house on the grounds that they had breached their duties under the Occupiers Liability Act 1957. This provides that the owner or occupiers of premises are under a duty to ensure that lawful visitors such as our client are reasonably safe when using their premises.

There were witnesses to the accident and one of our client’s friends took at photograph of the defective step on their phone, which was helpful in pursuing the claim.

The matter was passed on to the pub owner’s public liability insurers who initially disputed liability.   Court proceedings were commenced and the claim settled a few days before the trial of the action was due to take place.

Our client had made a full recovery of her injuries within 3 months and was very pleased to be awarded £2,000 compensation for her injury.

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