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At What’s My Claim Worth we have successfully obtained compensation for a lady who injured herself whilst staying in a guest house in Yorkshire.

Our client had arrived at the guesthouse by car with her husband and was told by the owner to use the car park at the rear of the building. As she was walking from her car across the car park to get inside the guesthouse she tripped on a piece of metal that was sticking up from the ground. The metal was there for securing the gates to the car park when they were closed.

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The metal was sticking out of the ground by approximately 2 inches and was not easy to see amongst the gravel on the car park.   There were no warning signs displayed to warn our client of the potential danger.

Our client tripped and fell to the ground landing on her outstretched hand.   She was in considerable pain and discomfort. Her husband took her to hospital and following an x-ray it was confirmed that she had sustained a fracture to her arm and her arm was placed into a plaster cast.

The accident was reported to the owners of the guesthouse.

A claim was brought through What’s My Claim Worth on a no win no fee basis.   It was alleged that the owners of the guest house were in breach of the Occupiers Liability Act 1957 as they had failed to ensure that our client was reasonably safe when using their premises.   The matter was passed to their insurers and initially they tried to defend the claim.

We considered that the claim had good prospects of success and we arranged for our client to be examined by a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon who prepared a report detailing our client’s injuries.

The Claim was settled just after court proceedings were commenced and our client was happy to be awarded compensation of £7,200.

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