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Our client sustained personal injury and losses arising out of a road traffic accident.

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The accident took place in November 2010. The Client was proceeding along a road, when the Defendant, who was travelling in the opposite direction swerved into the path of our Client’s vehicle.

The impact between the vehicles was severe, and there was substantial damage to our Client’s vehicle. Emergency Services attended the accident whereby our Client was taken via Ambulance to Hospital. Police interviewed the Defendant at the scene of the accident.  The defendant admitted liability.

We submitted a Claims Notification Form to the Defendant’s Insurance Company via the Claims Portal. The Defendant’s Insurance Company admitted liability in full.

A medical report was obtained from a General Practitioner who found that our client had sustained whiplash injuries to his neck radiating into the shoulders. The expert stated that our Client’s symptoms should resolve within 8-10 months from the date of the accident. The expert also advised that our Client had sustained soft tissue and bruising injuries to his chest and hands which resolved 2 months after the accident. No further referrals were made, and on this occasion a course of physiotherapy treatment was not recommended.

We submitted a Settlement Pack to the Defendant’s Insurance Company on the portal. Our Client’s losses included General Damages (Personal Injury), Travel costs, Medication costs, Care & Assistance, Policy excess and a Telephone allowance.

We enclosed a witness statement from the care provider to support the Client’s claim for non-remunerated Care & Assistance.

We received a very reasonable settlement offer shortly after which the client accepted. Our client received £4,635 in compensation.

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