At What’s My Claim Worth, we are experienced in dealing with tinnitus compensation claims. One such claim involved a client who was involved in a road traffic accident. He was driving along a major road when another car pulled out of a side road without looking and collided with his car, causing extensive damage to his vehicle.

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Our client, who was an art demonstrator, injured his shoulder, which was anticipated to repair within two years following private treatment. However, our client also suffered a degree of hearing loss during the accident, as a result of the airbag deploying near to his ears.

Although our client already had a pre-existing level of hearing loss due to the ageing process – which was a factor when considering the value of the claim – we obtained medical evidence from an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist, who supported the extent of our client’s injuries and ensured that he was properly compensated.

The case was settled early, without the need for court proceedings, and we successfully recovered £20,000 by way of compensation, which included remuneration for out of pocket expenses, the cost of private treatment and a bilateral hearing aid.

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