At What’s My Claim Worth, our team has assisted a client recover £20,000 in damages for her injuries and out of pocket expenses.

At the time of the accident, our client was driving her vehicle along a main road when a Defendant pulled out of a side road colliding with the nearside of her vehicle.

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Understandably, the Defendant’s insurers admitted responsibility on behalf of the Defendant at an early stage and the lawyers instructed set about the task of obtaining expert evidence to prove the extent of her injury. Our client was examined by an orthopaedic surgeon in relation to her back symptoms, a psychologist for her travel phobia and an ENT surgeon as our client developed a ringing noise in her ears.

An MRI scan was arranged on a private basis which showed the presence of spinal spondylosis, the symptoms of which had been silent until the accident caused the sudden onset of pain. The expert confirmed that had the accident not occurred, our client would have experienced symptoms in any event within 24 months.

Our client obtained treatment in the form of physiotherapy and psychological therapy and in addition to these private costs, our client claimed for travel expenses and care and assistance provided by family members.

After issuing court proceedings, the case settled after the Defendant made a reasonable offer to settle without the need for our client to give evidence at court.

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